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We believe that everybody should have free and unlimited access to independent and impartial investment advice, regardless of their financial situation, location or experience. Although the advice we give to our clients is without charge, you will not be disappointed, whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a ‘game-changer’ or a first-timer looking to start a portfolio, we know we can help you.

Today’s financial markets offer enormous potential to the entire investor community, but they can also be a mine-field for the less experienced or novice investor, and on occasions even the most experienced of investors too.

With the advice we give, we aim to partner your specific investment demands with a company, or brokerage, that we feel have the ability to ensure your specific investment goals and targets are met. All of the affiliate companies and brokerages that we use are fully licensed and registered which allows them to advise you on their particular market opportunity and strategy.

We are simply the conduit between you, the investor, and our affiliate firms, the experts. This ensures that you, and your portfolio, receive the most relevant and independent advice that you should demand, whatever the need or occasion. Let our advice guide you to your future financial freedom and independence.

The 1st step to help you achieve this requires you to simply complete and submit our Advice section. This will allow one of our advisors to understand your specific needs and then assist you in achieving your goals with one of our affiliate firms.

However, on occasions, we place calls with clients who have requested advice to ensure that their specific requirements receive the best advice available. If this happens to be you, then we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Our free monthly prize draw is also available to everyone requesting advice. Just tick the “Yes please!” box to be entered.

We look forward to you joining our ever growing list of clients and will welcome your comments on our Testimonials page.

I have been taught to now ‘think outside the box’ by your team of advisors. You have taught me that with the right advice and guidance an opportunity is still an opportunity regardless of one’s perception. Many thanks to Kelvin at Opus, you have helped my portfolio grow with your great advice.

Dr. Henry Rawlings
Kent, UK

You have not only directed me to investment opportunities you have also given me the opportunity to invest. A win-win situation that I am grateful to you for.

M. C. Howell
Cornwall, UK

Just when I was losing faith in the investment advice being given I found you. My faith has been restored with the advice given and received. Am once again an investor with a game-plan. Many, many thanks.

Alan Watson
Nottingham, UK

As an ex-pat my market participation was becoming rather restricted. This is no longer the case. Your introduction to Daniel and his team at *(company/brokerage name) have made available to me opportunities that were previously difficult for me to gain access to. Not only did I take their advice but it returned me over 27% after just 5 months. All thanks to the Opus team.

Henry McCullogh

As a retired accountant I thought I was a savvy investor. Your advice and guidance has made available to me market opportunities that I never knew existed for me and taught me a great deal. I have had great results with each of your recommendations. Due to your services my son and daughter are now also investors. Thank you.

G. Baird
Ipswich, UK

Credit where credit due. Fantastic advice, no strings attached, recommendation given, took the advice, made money. How simple. A very satisfied customer.

Tony Youngs
Manchester, UK

I have just traded commodities and won. Never thought I would be saying that a few years ago. All thanks to your team and the brokers at *(company/brokerage name). I am now sold on your advice and services.

Barry Gilmore
Perth, Australia

After only 9 months and 3 of your recommendations I have achieved more than I did with my IFA after 7 years. Just goes to prove ‘it ain’t what you know but who you know’ and your team certainly know the right people.

Steve Yeo
Hong Kong

THANK YOU & THANK YOU. Not only have I taken advantage of the great advice given I also won a 1 hour 1 on 1 online tutorial with Brian from *(company/brokerage name) which was worth every minute.

Daniel K
London, UK

Not only do they know their stuff, but their valued advice is free. Anyone not using them needs to start using them now. Take it from me.

Howard Grayson

Choosing my next stock purchase was never an easy decision but thanks to Opus Advisors and *(company/brokerage name) those decisions are now made for me and the results are just fantastic. Keep up the good work.

G. Marshall
Reading, UK

OWM Advisors, simply the best!

Jake Gordon
Glasgow, Scotland

Their introduction to *(company/brokerage name) was like a breath of fresh air to both me & my portfolio. I highly recommend their services. I have now used them on several occasions and every time they have got it right.

Mark Laferty
Belfast, Ireland

Great advice from a team who understand an investors’ needs. My under-performing fund is now performing again. Thanks guys.

James Dawson
NSW, Australia
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